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Kathryn Davis Fellowships for summer language study at Middlebury

With nearly 100 years of experience teaching intensive-immersion language programs, the Middlebury Language Schools can help students earn transferable credits and make significant gains in language proficiency while following the Language Pledge®.

Programs for beginners to graduate students are available in 10 languages at two sites. Program dates and fees vary.

The Kathryn Davis Fellowships for Peace deadline is approaching!

Please let your students know about this opportunity to study at the Middlebury Language Schools during the summer of 2013. Middlebury awards 100 fellowships which cover the comprehensive fee (tuition, room and board) for one summer of study at the Language Schools.

The fellowships are open to students studying Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian. The deadline is January 14th. Additional information is available on the website.

NSF launches GROW to accelerate international research collaborations

On December 5, 2012, NSF Director Subra Suresh announced Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW), a new and coordinated effort that will expand and enhance international collaborative research opportunities for NSF Graduate Research Fellows, with initial agreements with science agencies in eight countries.

“Today’s graduate students being trained as scientists and engineers in the U.S. will increasingly collaborate and compete with their peers from around the globe throughout their career,” said Suresh. “GROW will prepare NSF Graduate Research Fellows (GRFs) to engage successfully in the global research enterprise by connecting them to leading scientists and research infrastructure around the world.”

The Fellows, selected through the normal process through the NSF GRF Program and invited to participate in GROW, will be hosted by a science agency in a partner country for three to 12 months. While overseas, they receive a living allowance from the host country as they pursue their research in a host institution. They will also be eligible to receive an international travel allowance from NSF.

In addition to the four Nordic countries, GROW plans to include inaugural co-funding partner agencies from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and France. It is anticipated that additional partners from NSF counterpart agencies from other countries will join GROW in the months ahead.

  • More information about GROW is available on the GROW website.
  • More information about NSF international opportunities is available on the Office of International Science and Engineering website.

Boren Fellowships December Webinars

There will be several webinars on aspects of the Boren Fellowships competition for graduate students. The deadline for submission of a Boren Fellowships application to Boren is Thursday, January 31 5:00 PM EST.

Monday, December 10, 2012, 2pm EST,

Thursday, December 27, 2012, 4pm EST,

We have 9 more webinars scheduled in January, including a session about the service requirement and two webinar panels.  To view the full schedule, visit

UAS7 Seven German Universities of Applied Sciences Scholarships

Seven German Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS7) is pleased to announce that in addition to the Study and Internship Program (SIP), in 2013-14 we will offer two new competitive programs that include scholarships for all successful applicants. The Study Program (SP) includes a semester on one of our member campuses, and our Internship Program (IP) includes a 2-6 month research internship at a laboratory or research institute on one of our campuses.

IP projects will be offered in the following fields: aeronautical engineering, architecture, biomedical and bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, energy engineering, ergonomics, life sciences, logistics and management, materials science, mechanical engineering and mechatronics, nanoscience, and physical metrology and applied physics. This is a unique opportunity for students in the U.S. and Canada to experience research at a German university of applied sciences, where faculty research is based on strong connections to regional companies that depend on academic researchers for R&D.

SIP students may intern in these or in other fields through off-campus internships, and is therefore suited for a wider range of applicants.

Further details and application forms for all three programs and associated scholarships are available at The deadline for all three programs is February 15.

Our New York office can be reached at and during regular business hours (EST) at (212) 758-3369.


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